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Brutus Doin’ The Dolly Parton Challenge – Funny

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And Those Idiots Thought That Killing That General Would Start World War 3

Why on Earth were so many people cowering in corners scared to death that we were going to war?

Stop Spreading Lies – Check Yourself Before Posting BS!

Free MEME highlighting why people need to stop spreading lies and check their facts before posting things on social media!

Hey snowflake, your feelings don’t have jack to do with our rights.

Your feelings don't have jack to do with our rights or beliefs. If you feel offended and want everyone to change so you feel b

Me waiting for your drama queen emotional breakdowns to ease up.

If posting about every problem, piece of drama and emotional breakdown you experience makes you feel better, more power to you

When you realize we gave the crazy orange man access to missile buttons.

Well, it's all fun and games until somebody's car gets blown up.

Michael Bloomberg Hates Guns And Says He Wants “Red-Flag” Laws.

According to American Military News, Bloomberg proposes nationwide gun laws, including ‘red flag’ confiscation, bans & mor

Why Is Trump Going To Be Reelected?

Because the Democrats haven't learned their lesson yet. Because they're still bitching. They're still pointing fingers and att

Is Trump Ruining This Country?

Is President Trump the problem or is he a symptom of abuse that everyone seems to be missing?

Dems Killing Their Party By Stomping On 2nd Amendment.

The Dems are killing their party by stomping on your Second Amendment rights.