That's MEME!

About That’s Meme

About That's Meme

That’s Meme! (Mean Meme)

Mean Meme – It’s funny because it’s true. Some memes are mean in a funny kinda way. While we don’t want to hurt feelings or cause fights, anger or sadness, I understand there is room for some common sense memeing that gets the point across – perhaps with a little underlining tone of , dare I say it?

Screw it. Meanness. Mean Meme? LOL  

That’s Meme! Get it?

Here’s the boring backstory:

My name is Brian D. Hawkins and this site was created on a whim while writing a blog post for my personal blog, The blog post was going to be titled, “Brian’s Gentle Criticisms to Hurt Your Feelings“.

I started writing point after point, criticism after criticism based on what was pissing me off in the news and on social media. Then I thought, “Brian, what if you made a mean meme to go alongside every criticism you made? Dude, you’re a freakin’ genius!

I don’t know about you but that’s how I talk to myself. Especially about mean memes.

As I was creating a ‘Pretty Link‘ for the blog post (Don’t worry your pretty little brain about what that is), I came up with mean-memes. Then thats-meme. Funny right? You get it? it’s a play on words. That’s Mean? ROFLMAO

Then. THEN, the creative side of my huge head rubbed the business side and left me wondering, “I wonder if is available? No, it can’t be. Hey dummy, just check. It only takes a second.

Two minutes later I registered and I’ve been lmao ever since.