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And Those Idiots Thought That Killing That General Would Start World War 3

Free MEME - Those idiots thoughts killing that terrorist would start a world war.
Those idiots thoughts killing that terrorist would start a world war.

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Is it me or does it seem like a buttload of people hate Trump so much they seemed to want a world war to start?

Seriously, I’m no Trump worshiper, I think he’s a terrible person, but I’m not so blinded with hate that I can’t think rationally.

That is exactly how a bunch of people have been active for a couple of years now. Their hate stems so deep they lost the ability to muster a little common sense and logic.

Just like you, I had no idea who this Iranian general was until the assassination hit the news.

Those idiots thoughts killing that terrorist would start a world war.

Once it was announced he was a terrorist, an enemy of the State, someone directly responsible for killing innocent Americans and in the planning process of killing more – I was completely 100% in support of the action taken. Good Riddance.

Can I say that? Shouldn’t any American be alright with saying that? That even though they don’t like the current administration that they recognize we, as a Country, must protect our people and do what we have to do?

So why on Earth were so many people cowering in corners scared to death that we were going to war?

OMG, WWIII is coming. What will we do? When will the killing stop? I can’t take it anymore. Trump is destroying the Country.

  • Ok, first of all, calm your ass down snowflake.
  • The killing is never going to stop, at least not in our lifetimes. So stop asking.
  • We’ll do what it takes because that’s just what we do despite your cowardly self.
  • YOU can’t take it? Seriously, YOU can’t take it sitting safely at home watching the heroes doing the work and taking on all the risk? You should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Trump is killing the Country? I’ve been saying it all along, Trump is a symptom, not a disease.

So between the pure hate and cowardly actions from the left, there’s no wonder this divide between the two parties is so wide. Top that off with the seeming need to destroy our rights, and I’m about ready to disassociate myself from the democrats altogether.

Oh wait, I already have. Years ago I decided that both sides were wrong, were the same, and nothing good will be done by any of them.

Brian D. Hawkins

Just my opinion and commentary, as usual. If you’re looking for actual news and information, may I suggest throwing a dart into your computer or phone screen? You’re just as likely to find the truth that way as to search online.

Brian D. Hawkins

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