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Is Trump Ruining This Country?

Trump is ruining this Country!
Trump is a symptom of abuse we are ignoring.

Trump is ruining this Country! Trump is a symptom of abuse we are ignoring.

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What’s true?

Trump is a symptom of abuse we are ignoring.? OR
Is he a symptom of abuse that everyone seems to be missing?

I was shocked like most people when Trump won the presidency. It was almost immediately clear to me, however, the people are pissed and that’s exactly why this is happening – we have an embarrassment leading the Country.

I thought the current leaders, from both sides of the aisle, would take notice and start adjusting course. Immediately!

Isn’t that what political tactics would demand? If the Democratic party is going to gain real national control again, doesn’t it have to back off on some of the citizen’s rights they’ve been a destroying?

Don’t they have to see that more and more socialist programs paid for by the middle class, and ONLY the middle class won’t be tolerated?

WTF? Did she seriously think people would agree to pay for this?

Can’t they see they are losing connection and have grown out of touch?

Apparently not because the Democrats seem to have doubled down. I believe this is a huge mistake. Not just the embarrassingly pointless push for impeachment but the continuous rhetoric on taking guns and restriction more American rights.

At this point, I can’t tell if the Democrats are just that stupid and deserve what they get (Or don’t pet – the presidency) or if they just secretly want a Republican president. Think about it, has anyone don’t more to raise Trump’s approval ratings than the Democrats? Amazing.

Brian D. Hawkins

Just my opinion and commentary, as usual. If you’re looking for actual news and information, may I suggest throwing a dart into your computer or phone screen? You’re just as likely to find the truth that way as to search online.

Brian D. Hawkins

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