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Stop Spreading Lies – Check Yourself Before Posting BS!

Stop spreading lies - check yourself before posting BS!
Stop spreading lies – check yourself before posting BS!

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Stop spreading lies and check your facts before posting BS on social media!

When you keep spreading lies by posting unchecked and untrue garbage on social media because you’re too lazy to research it or just acting on knee-jerk emotion, you lost respect from every thinking person that follows your posts.

Dear Spreader of The Lies,
Here's how it usually plays out:

You see something outrageously amazing or terrible on Facebook.

Your weak emotions take over your body and force you to publically display a knee-jerk reaction.

Without as much as a simple Google search, you post the offending lie that you're too blind to see as such and await the shock and awe of your online fake friends.

You're an idiot, you're an idiot, you're an idiot.

Please stop being an idiot. Please stop spreading lies.

Even though you've been socially chastised several times over spreading lies, you ignore the Snoops links posted in the comments and move on to the next senseless post.

Did I mention that you're an idiot?

That is all. Thank you.

Brian D. Hawkins

Just my opinion and commentary, as usual. If you’re looking for actual news and information, may I suggest throwing a dart into your computer or phone screen? You’re just as likely to find the truth that way as to search online.

Brian D. Hawkins

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